Buy My Cookbook!

You can now order my cookbook (222 pages, with photos and a beautiful matte cover, for only $11.99!) online through the Createspace Estore and on  Click on either link to connect directly to my product page.

I wrote this book for people with a passion for cooking that want to learn how to make a wide variety of foods from scratch.  If you are a total beginner in the kitchen, this is a good book for you.  If you've caught the bug for cooking and want to expand your skills, this is a good book for you.  If you want to use these recipes to improve your diet with meals from scratch, you will find it easy to do, and fun too! 

I hope you enjoy the results of the hard work I put into this book.  I had you in mind when I wrote it.  Enjoy!

Thank you for your support and enjoy your day!


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