Monday, April 30, 2012

Run Smelt Run!

happy crow. Monthly Art Theme: Green

It was a very "green" day for us last weekend- Earth Day and the Run Smelt Run second line parade in Duluth! The event was organized by Jim and Anton of the Magic Smelt Puppet Troupe and they did an amazing job of recruiting creative friends to plan and participate in this first annual event.

I made Jim this slick green Neptune costume which he wore on very tall stilts and acted as a sort of a grand marshal.

If you've never been to or heard of Duluth, you're missing out! I'm a super fan of this extraordinarily beautiful city.

This event started in Canal Park and traveled up the Lakewalk toward downtown Duluth. We marched to an awesome band called the Brass Messengers up to the Zeitgeist Cafe for a dance party and smelt fry!

Funny, for a food blogger, I took no photos at the smelt fry...By that point I just wanted to eat and dance and be merry. And I was!

If Steve and I and our fellow parade goers get our wish - Join us next year for the second annual Earth Day Run Smelt Run second line parade!

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