Monday, March 4, 2013

Wall Hanging Jewelry Holder

Years ago, I made a wall mounted earring holder from an open picture frame by attaching old sweater material to the back.  This worked great for hooks, but the problem with that design is what a hassle it was to store post earrings on it.  I thought about this for a long time, trying to avoid using counter space with a tree design, and came up with this solution of creating a "windowsill" on the wall hanger that is pre-drilled for our post earrings. 

I am loving this new design!  With ear-pierced daughters in the house, this makes my life- or at least my morning routine -easier.

For the frame, I used stretcher bars sold for creating canvases.  The bars are each sold separately and fit together with dovetails, so I bought 2 12-inch bars and 2 16-inch bars.  The cost was about $5.  The frame is made of unfinished wood so I could create the weathered wood finish I wanted, and I could attach a wall mount to the back of the wood frame.  To create an antiqued yellow finish, I coated the wood first in a wash of pale yellow paint mixed with water.

When the yellow paint was dry, I covered it in a layer of weathered wood finish, which is used to create a crackle paint effect.  It is clear and thick and takes an hour or two to dry.  Once dry, I coated the frame in a layer of off-white paint.  As the paints dries, it cracks all over, exposing the under layers of paint.

After the paint was dry, I turned the frame over and attached pieces of burlap mesh ribbon to the back of the frame using a staple gun.  I also attached a wall hanger to the top-center of the back at this point.

I cut a piece of foam board to size (9 inches long by 3 inches deep for my project) and covered the foam board in paper.  I marked the holes out in a random polka dot pattern using a stick pin, then reinforced the holes using a thin nail.  I also chose to color each dot with a black marker.  I made holes through the top and on the front of the foam board so I can display the dangle-y post earring from the front edge.  Lastly, I positioned the foam board into the space after running a bead of wood glue on the inside edge of the picture frame.  I had cut the foam board exactly to size, so the extra thickness of the paper cover enabled me to wedge it in there nice and tight.

Knowing my family, we will be too lazy most days to attach the backs to the posts, so I am using a thimble to store the backs.

I was also thinking that little copper tacks lined up along the bottom of the frame would be nice for hanging necklaces and bracelets, though I didn't opt for this.  Cute idea, though!

Happy crafting!  Enjoy your day!


  1. Love the idea of burlap mesh ribbon! I've seen many different kinds of materials used in a picture frame (lace, window screen, etc), but none of them quite worked for me. I think this one might. Thank you!

  2. That looks fantastic! You did a really great job. I love the frame, the paint, the jewelry all of it... It also goes together so nicely. Thanks for sharing Hannah!

  3. I really like the look of your jewelry holder. So pretty (& practical!)

  4. Great idea Hannah! You come up with some really cool ideas!

  5. Hola from Spain!! this is very, very nice, congratulations, I love your blog it inspires me... I needed one as well so I started to think about a quick & easy way to organize all my earings. If youj would like to check it will be a pleasure for me to receive your visir in my blog, it is possible to translate it to english if you prefer. Have a nice day!!

    1. Thank you for the link :) You have a lot of very beautiful earrings! And organized so nicely!

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