Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Fruit Fly Trap That Works!

It doesn't matter how clean I keep my kitchen...I am always bothered by fruit flies this time of year.

It takes just a few items and a few minutes to put together this trap, and it really works!  

Baited by a sweet liquid, the flies will enter through a small hole in the funnel and will not be able to get out. Soon enough, the poor little guys will be belly up in the sweet juice. Be prepared to find yourself checking your trap like it's facebook at first.

I don't have facebook, but I've heard it can be time consuming.  In my world, I'm not yet dressed or fed but I'll bet I've checked the fruit fly jar three times already!


Find a jar, any size, but pint size is pretty good.  I like to use jars because they have ridges on the top, so you can get a tight seal using tin foil.  If you use a cup, you'd have to tape the foil to the top so the buggers can't sneak out.

Pour about a half inch or so of sweet liquid in the jar.  You can use any kind of juice, and I know that apple cider vinegar works very well.  Or beer or wine, or whatever.

Cut a square of foil about one or two inches beyond the width of the jar top.  Fold the foil tightly over the top of the jar.  Squeeze it tight into the ridges of the jar.

Snip a little hole, no bigger than dime size, in the center of the foil.

Using a square of paper, fold it into a funnel shape and tape it to hold its shape. Or "borrow" a paper funnel from a gas station.   Insert the funnel tip into the foil hole and gently press until it's hovering about a half inch or an inch from the liquid.  {{Post Note:  The hole in my funnel turned out to be too big on this trap!  Make it no bigger around than small pea size, or the bugs may find their way out.}}

Using tape, attach the funnel to the foil, for the purpose of blocking all the space that a teeny tiny bug could escape.  They will climb the walls of the jar and funnel and escape if they can, but they will not find their way out of the funnel tip.  So seal it well.

That's it!  Leave it on the counter top and watch it work.  I use one per late summer.  You don't need to replace the liquid or anything.  It will ferment and the flies will love it.  And it doesn't get smelly.  I would know if it did because I have super sensitive pregnancy smells.

Hope you're enjoying your late summer days and your long weekend!

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  1. What a great idea! I'm sending this to my sis...

    Oh, I remember the days when I was hyper sensitive to tastes and smells when I was pregnant with my son. It was awful... The foods that I used to love, I hated. I found it so odd. Fortunately, it's all temporary! Have a great day Hannah!


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