Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blackstrap Molasses Chews

Here is a molasses cookie with a really straight forward flavor. The recipe includes no ginger, no spice, not even your typical teaspoon of cinnamon. Use the darkest molasses you can find and give it an extra shot if you want!

I've never known a person to not rave about this cookie (kids love them too)! If you don't make the mistake of over baking, this will be one of the chewiest, yummiest cookies you've ever eaten. Plus it's made in one bowl, so it could not be easier!

Molasses Cookies

(Adapted from Denise Tourtellott's recipe in my grandma's church cookbook)

1 cup sugar
3/4 cup butter flavored Crisco
1 egg
2 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
6 Tablespoons dark molasses
2 cups flour

Mix ingredients in order in one bowl. Mix well, but do not spend too much time creaming your first ingredients. Scoop or roll dough into walnut sized balls. Toss each in sugar before arranging on an ungreased baking sheet. Bake about 12 minutes at 350F, until the center of the cookie is almost set. The middle will look uncooked. Rest the cookies on the baking sheet for a couple minutes before removing and cooling off the pan. I cool mine directly on the kitchen table before eating. Eat them too soon, and they will be light and doughy. Cool them completely and they will be dense and chewy with intensified flavor.



  1. That looks rocky on the outside yet sounds chewy in the inside.

  2. These look delicious! About how many does one batch of the recipe yield?

  3. Great looking cookies and they crackled so nicely!

  4. Thank you for the nice comments! Kara - one batch makes 2 or 3 dozen cookies. They bake up fast and freeze really well so I always go for at least 2 batches!

  5. I can't use shortening...could I substitute butter or anything? Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Kate, you can use butter but I would expect the cookie to spread more and end up on the thin side. They will still be chewy if you don't over bake them. Start checking at 8 minutes :)

  7. Hey! I loved this recipe so much, I blogged about it (with reference to you, of course!). Hope you come check it out!!

  8. Is this using granulated molasses? MH

    1. I've never heard the term granulated molasses, but I am guessing you mean brown sugar? The molasses I use is a very thick syrup and I most often use the Brer Rabbit brand.

  9. Loved your State Fair post on DK, and can't wait to bake these up with my daughter! ...if I can keep her from eating all the molasses long enough to mix them us :)

  10. Thanks so much!! Have fun with your daughter!


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