Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stovetop Popcorn

This is how we eat popcorn in my family: Cook it in a little oil on the stove top in a soup pot with a tight fitting lid. Add melted butter, kosher salt and brewer's yeast (what's that? see below). And enjoy! It takes about five minutes, it's actually good for you (low in calories, high in fiber and vitamins, and a little butter to curb the hunger) and it's the most delicious popcorn I've ever tasted. Though I would have to say that because I was raised on it...but Steve wasn't, and he's a super fan!

Brewer's yeast, similar to nutritional yeast powder, is a non-active yeast that is used as a supplement in many vegetarian diets. There are some nutritional differences between brewer's yeast and nutritional yeast powder but they taste about the same. But don't believe everything you read if you're thinking of using the yeasts as a supplement to a vegetarian diet. There is an especially large amount of conflicting info regarding the vitamin B12 (some powdered yeasts are fortified with it and others aren't). For my part, I use it on popcorn because it tastes awesome and for no other reason. Brewer's yeast is sold in bulk at whole foods markets. You can often find it in flakes or powdered. I always buy powdered and I have used both brewer's yeast and nutritional yeast powder to equal satisfaction.

PS This recipe will teach you how to make stove top popcorn regardless of your desire to try the crazy yeast powder. I also like mine with butter and salt, a couple pinches of sugar and a bit of cracked black pepper. Yum! Or if I'm on a little weight loss plan, I'll use olive oil in place of butter, a bit of salt, and I'll eat a reasonable amount versus one that's three times the size of my head.

Brew-sy Cheese Popcorn
(the name that stuck from my childhood days)

Cover the bottom of a mid-sized soup pot with oil (any type, I use peanut oil). Then cover the bottom of the pot with one single layer of popcorn kernels. Put a tight fitting lid on it and turn the heat to a couple notches over medium. I set it to number 7 every time and it's perfect. Now wait and don't lift the lid or mess with it until it's done popping.

Meanwhile, melt half a stick of butter (or 2/3 if your pot is on the large side) on the stove and collect your kosher salt and nutritional yeast powder.

When you can count to 3 without hearing a pop, pour the popcorn into a big bowl.

Using a soup spoon, drizzle the top of the popcorn with about one third of your melted butter. Give it a pinch of salt and a rounded spoonful of yeast. Toss it in with the spoon or your hands. Add the next third of butter, another pinch of salt and a spoon of yeast, and toss. Finish with the rest of your butter. Toss, then add salt and yeast to taste.

*If your kernels popped up small and tough, try a new bag of popcorn or lowering your heat next time.

*Try not to over do the salt. It may seem like it needs more but once your halfway through that bowl you'll regret that extra pinch.

*Brewer's yeast makes most people's pee a very bright yellow color-like unnaturally scary yellow. This is normal, do not worry.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and enjoy your day!


  1. I bought some Red Star Brewer's Yeast to try this. Before I got the chance, I heard to never use brewer's yeast because it's very bitter, but instead to use Nutritional Yeast. ??

    1. I have used both and have loved both, but as an example I also love Marmite (which is insanely bitter) so I don't know if I'm a neutral judge. The powder I am using on my popcorn at this time is nutritional yeast powder that I purchased from the bulk section at a whole foods market.


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