The Daring Baker's Club

In the Daring Bakers club, a challenge "host" posts the same recipe challenge for all members on the 1st of every month.  We have until the 27th to complete the challenge and its results are posted on all members' blogs on that day.  It's pretty awesome and inspiring to see all the different blog posts every month!  And the members are very friendly.  If you're up for a go at food blogging, adventuresome baking or simply learning to bake, check out the Daring Kitchen link on my sidebar.  I would highly recommend it - it's a ton of fun and a great learning experience!

July 2012 - Crackers 2 Ways
June 2012 - Battenberg Cake
May 2012 - Challah Bread
April 2012 - Armenian Sweets
March 2012 - Dutch Crunch/Tiger Bread
February 2012 - Quick Bread
January 2012 - Biscuits
December 2011 - Homegrown Sourdough
November 2011 - Sans Rival 
October 2011 - Povitica
September 2011 - Croissants
August 2011 - Candy
July 2011 - Fresh Fraisier Cake

I've become a fairly active participant on the Daring Kitchen website, in that I've been writing articles for their online magazine, Food Talk.  I've also done some cookbook and product reviews!
PS The Daring Kitchen also organizes a Daring Cooks club!  You can do one or both (and the due date is staggered; end of the month for the bakers, middle for the cooks).


  1. I love this idea of the Daring Baker's Club - great blog by the way!

  2. My name is Angela. I run the blog, foodiebliss, on Tumblr and I was wondering if I would be able to use your current and future photos to post on my blog?

    I do not take credit for anything I post on my blog except my own creations. I never publish any recipes. There is always links back to the homepage and also the link of the post.

    I have included my blog's website address so you can see examples of how it will look.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.


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