Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old Clothes

happy crow. Monthly Art Challenge: Old

I might be programmed to wear vintage clothing because my parents dressed me in Little House on the Prairie clothes when I was small. Plus it was my favorite show next to Bewitched and The Brady Bunch. Now at 33, I remain a loyal collector of other's discarded garb with the exception of 2 short and depressing phases of trying to fit in.

Lucky for me I have settled in Duluth, Minnesota, where you'd be more likely to fit in dressed up as a gnome than, say, Barbie.

These days I see myself wearing vintage clothes because they are fun and they seem to make people happy. Who couldn't feel joy when looking at this adorable giraffe sweater?? And this crazy shirt/jacket made from a towel?

I do own a lot of old clothes. I also own new clothes. Jeans, slacks, plain colored tees...I do my best to celebrate beautiful pieces of clothing without looking like I crawled off an Earth, Wind & Fire album cover.

Some of my favorite pieces came from a high-end women's boutique formerly operating on the main drag in west Duluth- The Magnolia Shoppe. I acquired the items unworn with the tags still on and here's how, in a nutshell: My friend Crystal offered to work at an antique warehouse up the shore in exchange for goods. She discovered a barn full of items that were leftover after The Magnolia Shoppe closed. She filled her garage with them. Some were gifted to me and some I purchased for a deal. It would be an understatement to say this was a lucky find for a clothing collector. These pieces are extremely well made and the history of The Magnolia Shoppe speaks for itself.

Some of my favorite pieces were hand made by my Grandma Betty. The rest I've collected from the Goodwill, Savers, and other people's grandmas. I am attracted to the playful details and basic vibe of old clothes the same way I am attracted to certain knick-knacks and the look and feel of old books. It just can't be duplicated.

If you're into collecting vintage clothing, I've got a tip or two:

If you're a young person that's growing out of your crazy phase and looking for a job for example, or finding first love with someone with a lesser appreciation for shoes that someone else's feet have sweated in...Save those clothes! When you're ready to be yourself again or you have little ones that could use some culture you may regret tossing those treasures.

And the obvious - try before you buy. Or consider picking up some skills in altering clothing to your liking.

If you're into old clothes, you may also appreciate ModCloth. Much of it's pricey (some of it isn't) but it's a feast for the eyes!

Thanks for checking out my blog, and enjoy your day!


  1. I love your collection. I had a great collection before but I gave it away because my family made fun of me whenever I wore the vintage clothes. They have no culture and my brother just wears clothes with brands like a billboard. I regret it now. I wish I'd kept those clothes.

  2. Sad story!'ve got your whole life ahead you! Start anew and pull out your very best and brightest for the holidays :)


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