Monday, March 19, 2012

Food Writing

I recently had the opportunity to do some food writing for the Daring Kitchen's website! I enjoyed writing as a child but could never really imagine what or how to write as an adult. I've been collecting (and loving) this book series by Holly Hughes. The Best Food Writing series begins in 2000 and comes out every year with a new collection of the best food writing from all forms of journals, blogs, books, newspapers, magazines and newsletters. With all these amazing short stories and essays knocking around in my brain, I whipped up the Daring Kitchen pieces with no sweat! As of today, they are on the front page of this website. As time goes by, I imagine they'll be archived in there somewhere behind the others... My titles are Juicy Non-fiction For Lovers of Food, and Famous Chefs & Fabulous Recipes (links now go to my pieces in the DK's archives).

Hope you like them.  If so, here's another one of my cracks at food writing:   A Minnesota Tradition.  My favorite so far!

Enjoy your day!

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