Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Cheese Stands Alone

happy crow. Monthly Art Challenge: Music
I know this is a sort of a last ditch effort for our monthly art challenge. If you've seen Steve's blog, you'll understand that we've been busy!

This art club post isn't so much of a challenge unless you consider the challenges of being a parent!

Sophie had her 2nd grade play today in which she was part of the chorus in the The Cheese Stands Alone. It was based on The Farmer in the Dell and was super cute. Probably the cutest little kids play I've seen so far. In part because Sophie was very enthusiastic to the point of cracking me up. Her movements were large, her smile was broad and she mouthed the words to all the other kids' lyrics.

As part of the chorus, Sophie was asked to dress up as a farmer or farm animal. But in true Sophie style she wore a sweet old vintage dress and emulated the look she had planned for the part of Mother (the part she didn't get!). Sophie is really funny, as some of you know. One of the funniest people I've ever met.

Obviously, judging by her performance today she should have gotten that part of the mother!

That's an empirical fact of course, I'm not just saying that as her mom. She's a superstar!

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