Friday, February 8, 2013

Origami Bookmark Valentine

My husband and I agreed not to buy each other Valentine's gifts, as always, but I am always compelled to make him a little something...

Steve is a great lover of many things but most of all nature; namely birds and trees.  He's also a great believer in love so while this small gift might seem a little sappy, I know he will be totally into it.  He's been reading a lot lately...though hopefully not reading my blog or this won't be much of a Valentine's surprise, will it?!

When you make an origami heart, the front center of the heart is split. So while the plain folded paper can be used as a corner bookmark due to its little back pocket, it benefits from another paper heart attached to the front side.  I could also have covered the folds on the back with more paper but instead I chose to glue the little tabs down and leave it as is.  Because, frankly, I don't think Steve will care either way and this was easier!

You can find simple instructions on how to fold an origami heart here.  It really is best to use origami paper but you could also use printer paper.  Don't try to use card stock.  It is too thick for a bookmark and tears with the tiny folds.  Once your heart is folded, trace the heart shape onto the paper you want to use on the front side.  Cut and paste as desired.  Just be careful not to leak paste into the inside of the heart since it might glue your pocket closed.  Carefully glue your little tabs down on the top of the back side (or trace, cut and glue more thin paper).  Press the bookmark flat in a heavy book.  Once it's all dry and flat, illustrate however you like.  For Steve's bookmark, I used a wood burner to draw the letters and little bird tracks onto birch bark.

For being completely adorable and unique, this is a super easy project.  Enjoy your day, and happy Valentine's day!

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