Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Eggs 2014!

We love coloring Easter eggs in my house!  I knew last year's eggs were going to be hard to top...After the fun we had with this year's eggs, there's talk of trying this project for other holidays.  We just might! 

Ladybug on a Leaf.  crayon, food colored water, food writing pen 

Nebula.  dipped in several shades of colored water with a splash of oil and vinegar in the water
Drippy Crayon.  crayon shards melted with a hair dryer, then dunked in colored water

Carnivore.  peeled egg, food writing pens, toothpicks, split with a mouth full of yolk
Grover.  crayon, colored water, using an egg that had burst while cooking (exposing the "nose")

A Garden of Eggs.  crayon and colored water
Goony Bird.  pencil, crayon, colored water

Mr. and Mrs. Egg.  crayon and colored water

Have a Happy Easter!

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