Thursday, December 3, 2015

Winter Recipe Zine

I am working on a zine project that I thought I'd share with you! 

A zine (pronounced "zeen") is a self-published work that is produced in small numbers, first by hand and then usually reproduced on a photocopy machine.  My husband likes to make zines and put little piles of them out with other flyers and free magazines at shops and restaurants.  I thought it would be fun to put out a little illustrated cookbook for each season, and this is my first for the year.

I went the super easy route and used one folded piece of printer paper.  Here is a link to a tutorial of how to make an eight page book if you want to get more fancy than I did.  It would be tedious to make lots of zines in that way and I've never tried it, but it certainly could be done.  That link will show you a couple of other book making techniques that are AWESOME, and I am particularly fond of the little origami book.  Anywho...

The cool thing about making a zine is you can use white out, use tape, have a crumpled worn mess of paper, and when you're done you photocopy it and all of those nearly imperceptible scuffs go away.

front cover, inside pages, back cover

To make a 4 page book (front cover, two inside pages and a back page), fold your paper in half and then in half again like you are making a little birthday card.  Draw your pictures, write your words, paste things onto the paper, whatever you want to do.  When you're done, unfold the paper and photocopy.  Fold the photocopies and there you go!  You could hand these out as gifts, put them out at shops...I don't know what else people do with their zines...proselytize good vibes, stuff like that.

Thanks for stopping, and have fun!


  1. What a GREAT idea Hannah! Your husband inspired you and now you have shared and inspired us Thank YOU!

    Your recipe zine is absolutely adorable. I do hope you will be giving some away as gifts. I'm off to check out that link you generously shared.

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